It is no secret that dialogue, taste, and the sensuous experience are keywords to us. At Bojesen, we believe that the sensation of the acidic, crisp, or salty elements of the food combined with exquisite juices, beers, and wines, topped with the aesthetic beauty of the surroundings, all play a part in creating engaging conversation and intimacy. Although we cook for many people every day, it is still possible to ensure that our food is delicious and rich in flavour.

At Bojesen we have a fundamental philosophy about food and it is the subject of daily discussions. The experience will vary depending on whether you dine at the Tower at Christiansborg Palace, at the Opera, or at Axelborg – or simply wish to indulge in a slice of chocolate cake from our award-winning confectionery.

Taste is not a matter of course – that is why we have a food philosophy.


  • We pride ourselves on making everything from scratch. We prefer to boil the chickens for chicken salad, bake the bread, and make crisps from blue potatoes ourselves.
  • At Bojesen, we love vegetables, and they make up a large part of our menu. If you ask us, there is nothing better than well-prepared vegetables.
  • There is nothing as tasteless and expensive as asparagus in January. Bojesen follows the seasons – because kale tastes better at wintertime, and strawberries are at their sweetest during summer.
  • The Danish soil produces excellent vegetables, and Bojesen use many locally produced organic ingredients. We also produce our own chocolate, Oialla, which is made from wild cocoa beans from the Bolivian jungle.
  • We love ecology – as long as it makes sense. Occasionally it is better to make use of alternatives, for example wild elderflower, berries, and herbs from the Danish countryside, substituting imported organic ingredients.