Kokkeelev hos Bojesen


The job as chef has changed significantly through the past many years, and many trainees now have A-levels and there is focus on a good work environment and a respectful language in the kitchens. At the same time, famous chefs such as Heston Blumenthal, Jamie Oliver, and René Redzepi have set new standards for experimentation with ingredients, tastes, and sensuous experiences – both in private homes and professional kitchens.

Dialogue, taste, and sensuous experiences

As a trainee chef at Bojesen, you will have a unique learning environment where you will cover the major aspects within the profession. You will enter a company where taste, sensuousness, and dialogue are subjects we talk about every day.

Axelborg, the Opera, and the Tower at Christiansborg Palace

You will be cooking for both large and small parties. The majority of trainee chefs begin their apprenticeships at Axelborg, which hosts major conferences, meetings, and other events on a daily basis. At Axelborg, we have a three-month trial period. Since we will be spending much time together over the three-and-a-half years an apprenticeship lasts, a good chemistry is essential.

At Axelborg, you will learn about the basic rules of working in a professional restaurant kitchen where food is prepared for numerous guests. After Axelborg, you will be working at the Opera where we have a restaurant with an à la carte menu as well as large parties. When you are ready, you will move up – literally and gastronomically – to the Tower of Christiansborg Palace where Bojesen has a restaurant with emphasis on traditional Danish culinary values.

A trip to the ‘chocolate factory’

Before the end of your training, you will have the opportunity to work alongside some of the finest chocolate and dessert ‘boys’ at Bojesen’s confectionery in Kødbyen, Copenhagen. Here you will be part of a team creating chocolates and desserts for Bojesen’s restaurants, function rooms, and for retail sale.

Experimentation, respectful language, and perfect execution

When we are not busy with our guests, we like to focus on gastronomical experimentation and logistical challenges. The mornings are typically spent innovating, but once guests begin to arrive in the restaurant, we perform with precision and perfection. If our staff do not function together as a team, we cannot treat our guests with the high level of service they deserve. Therefore a respectful language in the workplace is essential. Read more about our work environment at Bojesen.


If Bojesen’s philosophy has piqued your interest, do not hesitate to send an unsolicited application to Jonas Thunberg at kok@bojesen.dk. We respond to all applicants.

We take in new trainees around twice a year. We will keep your application for future consideration, should all trainee vacancies be filled when you apply.