Bojesen chokolade


Today, Bojesen’s chocolate goes by the name of Oialla. Oialla is an organic chocolate based on Beniano cocoa beans, found exclusively in the Bolivian rainforest. The wild cocoa trees grow naturally in the jungle – without pesticides or fertiliser, resulting in a pure, flavoursome, and uniquely intense cocoa.

There are several different kinds of Oialla chocolate – ranging from 46% to 100%, all available as gift boxes, bars, and in large tubs. The chocolate is made exclusively from wild cocoa and organic sugar. The milk chocolate contains organic milk.


Many will recall Rasmus Bo Bojesen’s filled chocolates. Bojesen was famed for his creative blends of sweet and savoury flavours – thyme, curry, and ginger fillings being some of the favourites.

Instead of adding new flavours, Rasmus Bo Bojesen wanted to create a pure, flavoursome and organic chocolate.

This took him away from the ganache-filled confectionery of Copenhagen to the wild cocoa trees of Bolivia. With support from Danida, he embarked on a collaborative venture with a local cocoa company in Amazonia that harvests, ferments, and dries wild cocoa beans. Supervised by Rasmus, the beans are then made into chocolate at Malmö Chocolate Factory – the only organic chocolate factory in Scandinavia.

Oialla made its debut in 2010 going on to win the Chocolate Silver Award 2011 at the Academy of Chocolate awards ceremony in Great Britain. Today Oialla chocolate is used in the kitchens of several Michelin restaurants in Copenhagen.


You can find more information on Bojesen’s chocolate on the Oialla website where you can read about the process behind our chocolate production and how we have created work for 34 women in Bolivia. You can also find out more about our products and distributors.

Our products can be ordered from the Oialla webshop. Unfortunately, we only ship to Denmark.

For sales to shops and restaurants, please contact Svend Dauerhøj.


Tel. +45 2030 4501