At Bojesen, both the physical and mental work environment is given high priority. We believe that quality and productivity are enhanced when employees are happy at work – and this will ultimately have a positive effect on our guests. We are all responsible for creating a good work environment and it is therefore important that we help, support, and communicate with each other.

The work environment at Bojesen – we especially focus on:

  • There are many people employed at Bojesen, and everyone is different. Our employees represent various nationalities and age groups and come from a wide range of educational backgrounds. We see this diversity as a force, and something we actively encourage and enjoy – and something requiring a high level of mutual respect. Bojesen is a signatory to Københavns Mangfoldighedscharter (Copenhagen Diversity Charter). An initiative highlighting diversity in Copenhagen.
  • A pleasant atmosphere. We pride ourselves on speaking respectfully to, and about, one another. We like being attentive, perceptive, and solution-oriented.
  • Nurturing ambition. We strive to make good introductory courses for our employees and hold training in high regard. We arrange obligatory internal training courses for all employees about our passion and about the world in which it will unfold. Moreover, we encourage those of our permanent staff members who want to know more and wish to go further to embark on supplementary training.


At Bojesen, we have set up a Working Environment Committee to ensure the well-being of all employees regardless of their position. The committee consists of managers, chosen by the management, and employee representatives elected by our employees.

Bojesen’s Working Environment Committee currently consists of:

Jonas Thunberg (Axelborg)
Simon Cantor (Our HQ in Kødbyen)
Heidi Svarre Dolleris (Tårnet)
Helene Petersen (Our HQ in Kødbyen)

If you have queries, ideas, or proposals related to our working environment, you are very welcome to contact a member of the committee. Employee representatives are elected for a two-year period – the next election is scheduled for 2019.