Good places to eat in Copenhagen

Are you a newcomer in Denmark’s capital? Or have you not yet lived in the city long enough to know where to eat in Copenhagen? Then allow us at Bojesen to help you get off to a great start.

We are passionate about great food, and our ambition is to give everyone - locals as well as international visitors - a great gastronomic experience in the city, which is why we have offered a number of suggestions below for good places to eat in Copenhagen. Read on to find your next great culinary experience!

Lunch and dinner with a view

Whether you’re a tourist or a local, it can be difficult finding your way around the city, both in terms of knowing how to get from A to B, but also when it comes to finding good places to eat in Copenhagen.

If you are looking for a place to have lunch or dinner in Copenhagen, a great option is Bojesen’s restaurant in the tower of Christiansborg Palace (Tårnet), the seat of the Danish Parliament. It’s a fantastic place to enjoy a lovely lunch in Copenhagen while taking in the view of the city below. It’s also an opportunity to get an impression of Denmark’s capital from the top of the centre of its democracy, while at the same time being served a lunch that reflects the essence of Danish culinary traditions.

Tårnet serves modern Danish open faced sandwiches or “smørrebrød” for lunch. The restaurant is also famous for its cakes which you can enjoy after lunch with a lovely cup of coffee.

The restaurant in the tower serves modern Danish dishes for dinner and explores the food traditions from all over the country. The produce is Danish and so is all the designer chairs, tables and cutlery.

In other words, you can look forward to Danish food complemented by an extraordinary view over the city.

A creative lunch experience in Copenhagen

Denmark is a country with many long and proud traditions, but Danes are also known for their generally experimental mindset with an eye for creativity. If you are looking for a close-up experience with this multifarious Danish way of thinking and living, Bojesen’s restaurant in the science centre Experimentarium is well worth a visit.

It’s a great spot to have lunch in Copenhagen, and you can look forward to a fun day in the science center and a lovely meal in the restaurant.

This means that you can expect great food as well as an opportunity to play with your food, and the restaurant’s aim is for guests to experience Danish food in a fun and novel way.

Discover Danish food and culture

In many ways, food is one of the things that truly distinguish one country from another. Every country has their own unique culinary traditions, which is why a major part of experiencing a new country is through its food.

That’s why we recommend that you challenge your taste buds and give Danish food a try when you visit Denmark. We’re always happy to help you find good places to eat in Copenhagen!

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